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Cosmetic-grade BodyMark by BIC markers are specially designed to draw on skin so you can create fake tattoos.


Introducing a new product on your website is very exciting as this means creating a new content page for your audience, as well as giving more information on the importance of the product and how to have it purchased online. When creating a page for a new product, you have to consider all the situations which can potentially land a visitor on your product page:

  • Through advertising
  • Through browsing your site/store
  • Organic search (search engines)

The main challenge is creating an optimized page that is easy to find, a well- designed page to provide great online shopping experience.

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Understanding the problem

One of the most important parts of this project was to launch this new product in very short time frame, to be more specific we had 2 weeks to launch this project. Due to the nature of the timeline and small budget we had to think about the best solution to tackle this project. By re-using existing web components that were on the main website we could really make this possible and hit our deadline.

I worked together with one of our web developers, we were able to define exactly which web components were the best choice based on the type of product, photography, copy, graphics, and iconography.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Andrew Davis
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My role

I worked on this project as the UI / UX Designer and Art Director for Bic BodyMark. At the course of this project, I was provided with every necessary project requirements including model photography, selected tattoo designs, logos, brand guidelines, typefaces, icons, copy, and product shots.

My responsibility were art direction and visual designs for this new product page for Bic BodyMark. I worked together with one of our Bic dedicated web developers who already had experience working with Bic products. I really enjoyed our collaboration and I'm very proud we pulled together and made it happen.

The solution

Reusable web components. Due to the short deadline we had to reuse existing components and functionality of Bic. They had already dozens of products pages so we strategically picked the best web components for this particular product.

By not reinventing the wheel and reusing existing web components we were able to hit our deadline and launch the new product page successfully. I'm so proud.

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The outcome

Bic BodyMark product page was a total success. Thousands of purchases within a week after we launched. We had to make minor changes after we collected some analytics from the page in order to make it even better.

Thanks to our Google Analytic Specialist we gather amazing information about the product page. 67% of the revenue came from the PDP sessions. We were pretty happy with the end results.

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